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Atopic Eczema - A Serious User's guide to Homeopathic Treatment Methods

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    Atopic Eczema is a complex multifactorial problem which can be frustrating and difficult to treat. There are often contradictions between the conventional medical approaches to management of the condition and informed attempts to resolve the factors that cause or maintain the problem. In the face of distressing aggravations, important contexts for eczema and our treatment choices are often missed.

    The thinking behind non-conventional treatment strategies for eczema is outlined here, in terms that an educated 'lay-person' can understand. Once the main precepts have been provided, then parents are more likely to engage constructively with the medium-term strategies and life-style changes that can potentially change the entire course of the illness through childhood.

    In practice the various factors take time to discuss and expectations are often coloured by parent's pre-existing experience with steroids and conventional drugs. This short guide is an attempt to summarise the wider issues and treatment choices open to parents and reinforce some of the information that is often provided in a homeopathic consultation. In itself, this guide is not a treatment manual but a familiarisation with the ideas and principles behind the homeopathic approach to childhood eczema. The information provided here is distilled from more than 30 years of clinical experience and emphasises the need to customise our treatment to the individual needs of each child.  6 pages. pdf. Print ready. Copyright - are rights reserved - CIMT Ltd 2018